We are the leading supplier to the New Zealand Hospitality Industry. 

We have over 80 varieties of chocolates in our range, both moulded and enrobed, with smooth creamy fillings containing only pure, fresh New Zealand ingredients and using Callebaut chocolate. No preservatives, food colourings or essences are used in the production of our chocolates.

  • Coffee Bean
  • Cherry Brandy
  • Lemon Cone
  • Mt Cook
  • Hazelnut Cone
  • Macadamia Cup
We can supply our chocolates loose, packed into our own specially designed boxes, or into boxes of your own design. We can, at very economical prices, have our one, two and four chocolate boxes foiled with company names and/or logos. We also have the ability to make solid chocolate tablets featuring company names and/or logos which can be hand foiled in either gold or silver imported embossed foil.
We also have a range of dessert shells and cups.
  • Made of real Callebaut chocolate, in dark, milk & white
  • Made with delicately thin walls
  • High gloss due to expertly tempered chocolate
  • Practically no breakage during transport due to specially designed packaging
Halal Chocolate
Van Heiningen Chocolates Ltd also produces a range of Halal chocolates which has been certified by the F.I.A.N.Z. (The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand). It is a small range consisting of individual chocolates with fillings containing hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, almonds, marzipan, New Zealand honey, mint, ganaches and mousses. These chocolates can be supplied loose in trays, approximately 1kg/80 pieces per tray - this varies according to size and weight.